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How do you work ?

You just need to send me what you have already done or the idea you have, I can also work with a reference track you choose and then I will work on the track. 

How fast do you work ?

I usually try to work on the project as soon as I can. The faster I deliver the final mix the better it is for the client.

Which payment method do you accept ?

I accept PayPal, Bank transfer 

What are your prices ?

I start at 250$, 220€, 180£ for an arrangement and 400$ for a full production. I will ask you to pay 50% at the start of the project and the rest at the end. I am registered at the SACEM (french author right) but we can agree for sharing rights in another way. The rights are the classic right distribution for arrangement and some for production.


For the Ghost production It will be 600$ and I will not ask for any credit.

I can also Mix your track for 150$, 130€ (mastering included).

More questions ?

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